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Here we discuss Agorakit future from developer's point of view. Ideas, features, UX design enhancement, you name it!

Bugs are better discussed on gihub if they are clearly defined as bugs.


Ici on discute des nouvelles fonctionnalités d'Agorakit et de comment les mettre en place. Utilisez plutôt github pour discuter des bugs si ce sont clairement des bugs.

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I am a recent user and maybe I missed something.When I come to the most recent message all down the page I do not find a “back above” or “back to conversations” that would send users back to the di...
Inspired by Github and Gitlab, group admins can now define a list of tags to be used in their groups. This might allow for a cleaner classification of content since someone will be in charge of def...
Reference: Why Open Source Software is Moving to GitLab After Microsoft-GitHub Deal.Yes, it takes a bit of work to migrate. But Gitlab rather than GitHub is one of the criteria potential contributo...
Just landed on agorakit, a post by email feature! Each group has now an email adress shown on the group page only for group members, and allows one to post by email and create a new discussion....
En tant qu'administrateur de groupe, j'ai, par erreur, quitter le groupe ! Puis-je me rattraper ?
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