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Agorakit roadmap

Started by Philippe in Agorakit developers & users - Développeurs et utilisateurs 4 months ago

This discussion is in place to discuss the future of Agorakit. Please add wathever you think is the most needed in future releases. I'll ask you to order by priority to make the decision process easier.

If you can help on some point, it is highly appreciated, mention it.

On my rodmap  I have :

  • faster UI with less refresh
  • better ui on mobile (mobile first design for real)
  • removal of a bunch of duplicate sin the navigation, especially less used stuff (like overviews of other group's activities)
  • better incoming email handling
Don't be shy ☺ your feedback is very important!
4 months ago

Do you have KPIs to map your business requirement as a part of the product success rate?

What is the definition of better UI?  UI Design or UX?

We can relook the IA, make it more intuitive and fast access.

4 months ago

@satyajit-roy thank you for the offer, I'd be really pleased to have a more detailed analysis of IA. As for UI and/or UX I guess both need love ;-)

I have no idea what KPI are ...

4 months ago
Sure Philipe. KPI  are for UX success metrics
4 months ago
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