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Tag management

Currently, group owner have two options regarding tags :

  • allow any tag (free form tagging)
  • limit tags to a specific list of tags in order to keep the list of tags clean and constrained

I'd like to have feedback on the current situation since I'm considering removing freeform tagging, and provide a defaut list of tags when a group is created. This is how github works fior example.

Any feedback on this is highly appreciated.

A related issue is here :

Started by Philippe in Agorakit : Développeurs et utilisateurs (EN/FR) 2019-10-04 15:20:40
@nedjo-rogers maybe you have some idea?
Philippe 2019-10-04 20:25:13
Yes the github way makes more sense. Although it would be nice for the owner to add tags on the "modify post" page.
.vince 2019-10-06 16:58:52
There is a brand new UI (on discussions only curently) that triggers if you click on a single discussion page on "edit" just near the tags. It opens a popup with checkboxes to enable or disable tags. When clicking save, it will update the tags on this discussion immediately.
Philippe 2019-10-07 16:12:25
You've read everything in this discussion