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Lenoir Linux User Group

The Lenoir Linux User Group (LLUG) is a group of people who love Linux! We are centered in Lenoir, NC .

Currently, we are available weekly in the CCC&TI Learning Resource Center, starting August 9, 2018 offering information, Linux installation services, and, Linux support. 

Refer to the Wiki page for more information on how most LUGs operate. When we get together, we will discuss what we've been doing with Linux, what we'd like to do, talk about what's happening in the Linux world, maybe work on a project together (web server, Gentoo-based OS, something like that), really anything the group wants to do. We could also support and help out at our local Linux Fest in Charlotte, NC.

LenoirLUG is free to join, you will (obviously) need to bring your laptop and possibly your favourite bootable. Depending on where we meet, we might have drinks, food, etc.

Our official website can be found here along with some ways to get in contact with us (Telegram or email is preferable).

We look forward to meeting and getting to know you!

Contact person(s) : Amolith Logan from LenoirLUG

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Latest discussions

We have launched our custom web app, LUGHUB, which is based on completely Open Source software. On the landing page, you can find links to LUGHUB, our Matrix chat room, and our informational video....
We decided to move our chat room from Discord, to, as, Matrix is powered by 100% Open Source software. Please join our Matrix room here; We hope to chat with you soon! 

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