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Map layers

Started by HubbubHum in Agorakit : Développeurs et utilisateurs (FR) 6 months ago

Do you think it's possible to have two layers on the map, in order to visualize one or the other ?

  • users
  • events (calendar)

Thank you !

6 months ago
Nice idea, pretty low on the todo since you are the first to ask it :-)
6 months ago
Why we need it on map.
6 months ago
Because, if you have a lot of users and a lot of events, the mix between the two layers cause troubles to understand and find the right information.
6 months ago
Do you have a real use case with screenshot of an overcrowded map?
6 months ago

No, but i imagine in the case of my association : all the users are in the same town and quite all the events !

And this is really two different informations that need, for my opinion, to be potenitally discriminated.

(excuse-me for my bad english that is certainly not very accurate)

6 months ago
show me a map with too many points and I'll add filtering :-) But curently on your screenshot there are only 2 points. In order to prioritize, I implement feature that create problems currently, not in the potentially distant futur. I hope you see my point of someone with limited time :-)
5 months ago

I understand well your point of view, don't worry ! ;0)

I will come back to this topic when this will be a real blocking point.

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