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Started by HubbubHum in Agorakit developers & users - Développeurs et utilisateurs 3 months ago

Je viens de créer un groupe privé pour tester AgoraKit, qui me paraît être tout simplement idéal pour mon association.
Si j'arrive à l'installer, j'aimerais pouvoir exporter ce qui aura éventuellement été créé comme contenu dans cette instance puis l'importer sur mon serveur dans l'instance que j'aurai hébergé.

Allez-vous prévoir un module d'export ?

Bravo pour votre boulot et bonjour à la communauté !


I have just created a private group to test AgoraKit, which seems to me to be just ideal for my association.
If I could install it, I would like to export what was eventually created as content in this instance and then import it into my server in the instance I will host.

Are you going to plan an export module?

Congratulations on your job and hello to the community!

This is on the todo, but unfortunately not done yet. Export is easy. Import a bit harder but not impossible. It won't be possible at first to avoid ID's collision (import a group in a non empty installation will make problems if content have the same ID) -> if you import in a fresh instance, no problem.

Anyone wants to work on it ?
3 months ago
I'm curently working on import/export and will soon have a working solution where every group can exported to a nice zip file, and later imported back in another instance.
2 months ago

Super !
Courage !

2 months ago

Great ! Marvelous !
Thank you very much !

2 months ago
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