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How to remove a user?

Started by Claire-Lise in Agorakit : Développeurs et utilisateurs (EN/FR) 1 year ago
Hello, is it possible for an admin to remove a user? It seems important with regards to GDPR regulation. Thanks in advance.
1 year ago
  • A group admin can unsubscribe a user from a group
  • A super admin (instance wide admin) can delete a user from the instance
  • Any user can remove him-herself from his her user profile edit screen (bottom of screen) -> in this case the content is attributed to an anonymous user or can be destroyed forever.
  • There is an undo feature with a 30 days retention of information

I'm open to suggestions to enhance this further of course!

1 year ago
Thanks a lot. But I don't see how to do it as a group admin.
1 year ago
Group admins can't delete a user. You can only edit a user and change it's subscription to "removed".
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