Automatically testing an Appian UI using Selenium?

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The goal is to automatically test an user-interface created with Appian Training from within Azure Devops' Testing Center with the help of Selenium.

The interface to be tested is an Appian form with multiple pull-down menus, and the challenge is that the page is build dynamically with no obvious, stable CSS-properties of each element. Even the names of the respective elements seem to change. The dirty workaround we are currently pursuing is to find the correct pull-down-menus with regular expression, which is rather tendersome and requires constant development effort.

My question: Is there any other work-around to simplify testing Appian-UIs from within Azure's Test Plan? Maybe some fancy option of Appian-UI-elements which define a stable label for some selected button component or different input fields like text components which could be used in Selenium?

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